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Clean, reliable and well maintained Air Scrubber rentals delivered to your door since 2004


Portable air scrubbers are commercial or residential high capacity air purification machines and each machine can move,  filter  up to 2000 cubic feet of air per minute "CFM".  The Air Scrubber runs on 110V. 

Our Air Scrubbers have triple stage filtration. Two primary filters and the HEPA filter which captures small particles down to three microns.

air scrubber rental

 Our Portable HEPA Air Scrubbers are made in the U.S.A.

The use of an air scrubber is recommended for all remodeling jobs where dust is created. The air scrubber will continuously purify the air to achieve air clearance and provide a clean environment. With an optional carbon filter attachment Air Scrubbers can be used at the same time for odor removal as well, perfect for new carpet, paint etc..


Air scrubbers can be set up as negative air machines with flexible ducting attachment.
Read more about Negative Air Machines.

We assist our customers to set up their equipment according their specific project requirements. 

Discounted rental rates available for long term rentals.
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